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Chinese Blue White Porcelain Scenery Wall Panel Set by Zheng Riqian cs4833S

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This is a four pieces porcelain hand painting wall decorative panel set. The blue and white part is made of porcelain and the frame is made of wood. It looks like a regular wall blue and white porcelain art. However, the artist is Zheng Riqian. Senior ceramic craft artist, member of Jingdezhen City Blue and White Ceramics Association. Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramic Workers University.

The author loved ceramic painting since he was a child. During his studies, he carefully studied the creation of ceramic paintings. After graduation, he has been engaged in ceramic painting work and created the “Qingyunzhai” studio. His works are unique in style, especially blue-and-white porcelain. With his mature skill, the whole painting is tight and compact, with clear paragraphs, appropriate movements, reasonable gathering, vivid and realistic figures, and endless aftertaste. The works are very popular. After the works are put on the market, they are highly praised by the insiders. Many works are collected by collectors. In 2009, the work "Qingquan" blue and white porcelain bottle won the gold medal of the 60th-anniversary ceramics achievement exhibition and boutique competition of Qing Dynasty in Jiangxi Province; the 2010 "Akiyama Travel Map" porcelain bottle won the Jingdezhen Ceramic Art Gold Award.

Dimensions: w14.75" x h47.75 " x 0.5" thickness / each
Origin:      China
Material:   Porcelain and Wood
Condition: Minor line on the frame

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