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Bamboo Strips Pattern Round Column Shape Umbrella Holder Stand ws3984S
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Bamboo Strips Pattern Round Column Shape Umbrella Holder Stand ws3984S

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  • $ 39500

Picture a bamboo strips patterned round column shape umbrella holder stand, exuding a fusion of natural charm and practicality. Crafted from sturdy bamboo, this stand embodies eco-friendly elegance with its sustainable material and artisanal construction.

The exterior showcases a seamless arrangement of bamboo strips, meticulously woven or arranged in a circular column shape. Each strip reveals the organic texture and natural variations of bamboo, adding depth and character to the holder stand.

Its design is both functional and aesthetic, featuring a cylindrical form that effortlessly accommodates umbrellas of various lengths and sizes. The open structure allows for ventilation, ensuring quick drying of wet umbrellas while preventing mold or mildew buildup.

At the top, a flared rim provides stability and a stylish finish, complementing the overall design with a touch of refinement. The natural bamboo coloration ranges from light tan to deeper amber tones, enhancing its visual appeal and blending harmoniously with any interior decor.

Whether placed in an entryway, foyer, or office lobby, this bamboo pattern umbrella holder stand not only organizes umbrellas neatly but also adds a touch of rustic sophistication. It serves as a functional accent piece, seamlessly integrating practical storage with the timeless beauty of natural materials.

Dimensions: Dia 9" x h23", opening Dia 8.5"
Origin: China
Material: Bone Resin Mix
Condition: hand made, vintage finish marks

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