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teacups teapot set - oriental eight immortal theme - Asian Chinese decor teacups
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Chinese Ceramic Off White Eight Immortal Field Teapot Teacups Deco Set ws2002S

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This is a set of hand-made off-white ceramic traditional Chinese teapots and teacups. The surface has precise ancient Eight Immortal theme graphics. It is for collection and decoration purposes. Not for serving.

Zhongli Quan: He is often depicted with a fan and a peach, symbolizing longevity. Zhongli Quan is associated with healing and alchemy.

Lü Dongbin: Lü is often depicted holding a sword. He is known for his wisdom, martial prowess, and ability to dispel evil spirits.

Zhang Guolao: Zhang is usually portrayed riding a white mule backward. He is associated with the power to travel vast distances instantly.

Cao Guojiu: Cao is recognized by his official's hat and imperial robes. He is the patron of actors and is known for his sense of justice.

Han Xiangzi: Han is often depicted with a flute. He is associated with music, poetry, and spiritual purity.

Li Tieguai: Li is characterized by his crutch and gourd of medicine. He is known for his selflessness and compassion.

He Xiangu: She is often depicted with a lotus flower and a basket of flowers. Xiangu is the only female among the Eight Immortals and symbolizes purity and femininity.

Lan Caihe: Often portrayed as a beggar or a transgender figure, Lan Caihe is known for his eccentric behavior and carefree attitude.

These Eight Immortals are widely celebrated in Chinese culture and are often regarded as symbols of longevity, wisdom, and various other virtues. They have appeared in numerous folktales, poems, paintings, and other forms of artistic expression throughout Chinese history.

Dimensions: Tray Dia 8.5"x  0.5", teapot 6.25" x 4'"  xh4", 8 teacups dia 2.5" x h2" each
Origin:      China
Material:   Ceramic
Condition: Handmade, minor variation

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