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Gautama Amitabha Shakyamuni - Crystal Glass Green Buddha statue
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Hand Crafted Crystal Glass Green Gautama Amitabha Shakyamuni - Buddha Statue ws2095S

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Liuli Glass Gautama Buddha Statue: Serenity in Crystal Glass

Embrace tranquility with this hand-crafted Liuli glass statue depicting Gautama Amitabha Shakyamuni Buddha.

This stunning piece showcases the Buddha in a serene posture, his face radiating peace as he meditates deeply. The lotus position symbolizes enlightenment, while the beautiful lotus base adds a touch of elegance.

Made from high-quality Liuli glass, renowned for its clarity, vibrancy, and intricate detailing, this statue is more than just a decorative item. It's a source of inspiration and a reminder to cultivate inner peace.

Perfect for:

  • Feng Shui enthusiasts: Liuli glass is believed to promote positive energy flow, making this statue an ideal addition to your Feng Shui practice.
  • Meditation spaces: The Buddha's serene expression and posture create a calming atmosphere perfect for meditation.
  • Gift-giving: This unique and beautiful statue makes a thoughtful gift for anyone seeking peace and tranquility.


  • Hand-crafted Liuli glass
  • Depicts Gautama Amitabha Shakyamuni Buddha in serene meditation
  • Lotus position and lotus base symbolism
  • Promotes feelings of peace and tranquility
  • Ideal for Feng Shui and meditation spaces
  • Exquisite gift for any occasion

Dimensions:  3.25" x 2"x  h4.75"
Origin: China 
Material: Crystal Glass 
Condition: hand made, may have bubbles but no chip 

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