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Lottery Poetry - Fortune Telling Stick
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Ancient Asian Lottery Poetry - Fortune Telling Stick With Dragon & Phoenix Painting n448S (Small)

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The older method of fortune-telling in the world. When there is something concern or can not be solver, Chinese people will go to a Buddhist temple to pray and begging for the answer and the direction of the problem. Lottery poetry (fortune stick) is used to find out the answer. Each lottery poetry comes with a stick with numbers, the person asking for the question, will kneel down in front of Kwan Yin, shake the lottery poetry until the stick falls from the container, then take the stick to the temple caretaker, they will give the resulting paper base on the stick number. 

This lottery poetry - fortune-telling sticks is for entertainment only, a great gift for any occasion and decoration for home and office.

Dimension: Diameter 2.25" x h7.65"
Origin:      China
Material:   Wood 
Condition: Handmade, good condition

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