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Lucky Ping An Lock - Protective Talisman Necklace
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Chinese Metal Ancient Lucky Ping An Lock - Protective Talisman Pendant n462S

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This unique ancient Chinese Ping An lock or Protective Talisman necklace is made of a metal sheet. It has a Chinese word 掛印封候 at the center and male and female figures on other sides. 

In China, a Ping Ann Lock "平安鎖頭 " or Protective Talisman "平安符" is a good luck gift always give to a married couple and newborn baby, or someone who has a special mission, they come in many different types of material, normally they are made with gold and silver. 

For this necklace, 掛印 mean "hand the leader stamp seal", 封候 mean "became the king or ruler of an area" 

Please note: This pendant lock is for decoration only, not for baby or kid to wear.

Dimension: w3.4" x d0.5" x h4.35" 
Necklace chain: 12"
Origin: China
Material: Metal
Condition: Handmade, vintage look, rustic

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