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Fengshui - shoushan stone - Sanyang Kaitai
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Chinese Oriental ShouShan Stone 3 Rams Sanyang Kaitai Theme Display Figure cs950-1S

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This is a nicely crafted "3 Rams" artwork from Chinese light yellow-brown Shou Shan Stone. " sanyang kaitai " based from I Ching - number 11 " tai ". It is a greeting message in the new year , new business - the best is coming. The pronunciation of "yang" is the same for "sheep" and " sun " . And "sun" is linked to one of the hexagrams. 

Dimensions:  w7.5" x d3" x h7" approx ( stone  only )
Origin:        China
Material:    Shou Shan Stone
Condition: Handmade, natural stone marks/lines, the stand may have repair-marks

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