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rosewood panel with carve jade stone decor
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Chinese Feng Shui Rosewood Stone Graphic Inlay Wall Art Plaque cs1916sv

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Introducing our exquisite Chinese Decorative Rosewood Wall Plaque, meticulously crafted from the rich and elegant tan rosewood. The natural wood grains lend a touch of organic beauty, while the intricately carved relief pattern forms the foundation of its captivating design.

Adorned with a symphony of meaningful elements, this masterpiece features a graceful jade stone vase cradling delicate flowers and the revered Lingzhi herb. A bat, a symbol of boundless fortune, playfully nibbles an ancient coin, while the profound wisdom of the Buddha's finger fruit is artfully inlaid onto the panel.

Every stroke of the carving and every jewel-like inlay carries profound significance. The vase embodies a sense of security, the flowers signify perfect harmony, and the Lingzhi herb radiates with vibrant health energy. The bat, representing luck and prosperity, shares its space with the Buddha's finger fruit, an emblem of wisdom and enlightenment.

Elevate your living space with this remarkable Feng Shui decorative piece that not only enhances the aesthetics of your home but also infuses it with positive energies and blessings. Whether you seek to cultivate a harmonious ambiance or add an exquisite collector's gem to your treasures, our Chinese Decorative Rosewood Wall Plaque is a testament to timeless artistry and meaningful symbolism.

Dimensions:   w29.75" x h20.75" thickness 0.75"
Origin:      China
Material:   Tan rosewood
Condition: Handmade, vintage finish, natural wood patina, not flawless
Period:     1975+


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