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bronze Kwan Yin statue - Bodhisattva statue - Goddess of Mercy - Goddess of compassion
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Chinese Rustic Bronze Metal Standing Buddha Swastika Symbol Statue cs4745S

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This is a handmade bronze metal standing Buddha Statue with charm bronze brown metal color and precise body details. A Golden Color pattern is on the dress as an enhancement. The hand is holding a lotus flower. The Swastika symbol is at the center - which represents divinity and spirituality, auspiciousness and good luck - origins from the long ancient culture of different races. In Chinese, it is pronounced as " wàn 卐/卍/萬, meaning "all things"

Dimensions: Dia 8"x h24"
Origin:      China
Material:   Metal
Condition: Handmade, vintage style finish, rustic green marks, oxidized rough surface.

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