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crystal glass Kwan Yin statue
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Clear Liuli Crystal Glass Kwan Yin Statue Display vs724S

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Clear Liuli crystal glass with sitting Kwan Yin statue engraved inside. Kwan Yin also is known as Bodhisattva, Goddess of mercy and Goddess of compassion. It is believed Kwan Yin is always there to help whenever someone need help. Kwan Yin is always a good statue to display in the house, it can be served as a reminder of our everyday life. 

Liu Li (crystal glass) is made at an extremely high temperature (over 1000℃), that's why it has higher density and more beautiful color than regular glass.

Dimensions: w4" x d3" x h6.5"
Origin:      China
Material:   LiuLi Crystal Glass
Condition: Handmade, no crack or chip, good condition

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