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ancient Chinese lucky lock
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Chinese Ancient Metal Lucky Ping An Lock - Protective Talisman Necklace n441S

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This unique ancient Chinese Ping An lock or Protective Talisman necklace is made of a metal sheet. It has a Chinese word 芝蘭並茂 at the center and male and female figures on both sides. 

In China, a Ping Ann Lock "平安鎖頭 " or Protective Talisman "平安符" is a good luck gift always give to a married couple and newborn baby, they come in many different types of material, normally they are made with gold and silver. 

For this necklace 芝蘭並茂, 芝 mean male, 蘭 mean female. 並茂 mean all good. It together means healthy, wealth, and luck all good.

Please note: This necklace is for decoration only, not for baby or kid to wear.

Dimension: w3.5" x d0.5" x h4.5" 
Necklace chain: 12"
Origin: China
Material: Metal
Condition: Handmade, vintage look, rustic

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