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dragon head turtle body statue
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Crystal Glass Liuli Pate-de-verre Dragon Turtle Carry Vase Feng Shui Statue n143S

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A statue of Chinese Feng Shui dragon face turtle body carry vase, this statue is made with golden yellow mix blue green color glass. In Chinese culture dragon is symbol of power, turtle is symbol of longevity and vase is safety. Chinese word Ping An mean safety, the same sound for vase, that is why in stead of writing Chinese character 平安, people always decorating their house with a vase . This is a great good luck Feng Shui decoration statue for any room.
Liu Li (crystal glass) is made at a extremely high temperature (over 1000℃), that's why it has higher density and more beautiful color than regular glass.

Dimensions: w3.25" x d2.25" x h3.5"
Origin: China
Material: LiuLi Crystal Glass
Condition: hand made, not perfect, bubble.. but no chip

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