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clothes rack - entrance dress hanger - oriental room divider
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Handmade Chinese Rosewood Dragon Garment Rack Hanger cs5484S

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This is Chinese traditional clothes rack which is made of HuaLi wood. It comes with relief carving of a double dragon chasing a ball. At night, Chinese nobles tossed their discarded robes over a garment rack to protect them from wrinkles. This ancient stand up coat hanger was once one of the most common of household accessories a necessity because Chinese architectural traditions did not provide for closet space. Garment rack usually was part of the dowry and was decorated with auspicious symbols to promote marital bliss and longevity.

Outside Dimensions: w31"x  d19"  x h69"
Origin: Northern China
Material: Huali Mu(Rose Wood)
Work: natural wood patina marks, ship in one piece

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