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colorful general jar
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Large Size Chinese Porcelain General Jar Dragon, Crane, Birds, Flowers With Foo Dog Lid n405S

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This large size Chinese porcelain general jar is handmade by local village artist in China, it has a body that is painted with a beautiful dragon, crane, birds, flowers, and Luyi symbol and on the top of its lid that is a statue of Foo Dog. Unique with character, it will be a great Feng Shui decoration for home and office, gift for home warming, and valuable collection for a collector.

Dragon - a symbol of power, fortune, and protector
Foo Dog - a symbol of power, fortune, and protector
Crane - a symbol of longevity, wishes on birthday
Flower and bird - a symbol of family harmony, peace and healthy 

Dimension: diameter 16" x h35"
Origin:       China 
Period:      1975+
Material:    Porcelain, ceramic
Condition: Handmade, heavy, good condition

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