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jade stone foo dog
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Asian Mythology Lucky Feng Shui Foo Dog Statue With LuYi and Globe n433S

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Foo Dog is a lucky Feng Shui statue for Chinese people, it presented power and a guardian again bad energy. It is believed displaying a foo dog inside or outside a house will bring good luck. 

This handcrafted Foo Dog is made of jade stone, the Foo Dog is carrying a Lingzhi Mushroom (LuYi) in its mouth, and its leg is stepping on a globe. In Chinese, LuYi means everything wish will come true, and stepping on a globe means to gain power from everywhere.

This Foo Dog statue is a great Feng Shui for home and office, a gift for any occasion, and a valuable collection for a collector. 

Dimension: w5.25" x d2.5" x h3.25"
Origin:      China
Material:   Jade stone
Condition: Handmade, good condition  

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