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Carved Jade Rectangular Shape Modern Chinese Sachet Bag Perfume Bottle Pendant n541S

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  • $ 95000

This unique modern-made jade sachet bottle bag is from ancient Chinese 香囊 (Xiang nang), it has a carved flower rectangular-shaped body with an opening on the top. a cotton dig with perfume is to place into the bottle. 

Ancient Chinese 香囊 (Xiang nang) is made of cotton, a good smell dry flower, and the root is put inside the bag.

Jade is believed to have a protective function ( against the bad fortune ) in the Chinese culture. It is a nice meaningful gift for friends or loved ones. 

Dimension: w0.9" x thickness 0.30" x h1.25
Origin:      China
Period:     1980+ 
Material:   Natural Jade. untreated A grade
Condition: Hand carved, good condition 

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