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Fine Bronze Metal SanXing ( 3 Deities ) Fu Lu Shou Statue
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Chinese Fine Bronze Metal SanXing ( 3 Deities ) Fu Lu Shou Statue Set cs3865S

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Introducing a meticulously crafted masterpiece - the exquisitely handcrafted bronze statue featuring Du, Lu, and Shoi. Drenched in a resplendent golden hue, this statue emanates an air of uniqueness and character that sets it apart. Beyond its aesthetic allure, it holds intrinsic value as a coveted collector's item. Elevate your living space with its distinctive presence, not only as a stunning decorative element but also as a harmonizing Feng Shui accent for your home.

The "Fu Lu Shou" statues are a popular traditional Chinese iconographic trio often seen in Chinese culture, especially during the Lunar New Year and other festive occasions. Each statue represents a specific concept or attribute:

Fu (福): This represents happiness, blessings, and good fortune. The character "Fu" is often displayed upside down on doorways during the Lunar New Year, as the word for "upside down" sounds like the word for "arrive" in Chinese, symbolizing the arrival of good luck.

Lu (禄): This represents prosperity, success, and wealth. The character "Lu" signifies high social status and a comfortable life.

Shou (寿): This represents longevity, health, and well-being. The character "Shou" is often associated with a long life and is meant to bring blessings of good health and vitality.

These statues are often depicted as elderly men, and each of them typically holds the respective symbol in their hands or is otherwise associated with them. They are often seen as a set of three, and having them together is believed to invite good fortune, prosperity, and longevity into the household.

It's important to note that these statues are part of Chinese folklore and cultural symbolism, and their meaning can vary slightly depending on different interpretations and beliefs. They have been used as decorative items and gifts during various celebrations, such as the Lunar New Year and other significant occasions in Chinese culture.

Dimensions:   Height 20" ~ 21"
Origin:      China
Material:   Metal bronze
Condition: Quality handmade, vintage-style perfect, good condition
Weight : 30lbs +- each


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