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Chinese Hand Carved Agate Stone Peach RuYi Cloud Scroll Display Art ws3466S

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Chinese Hand Carved Agate Stone Peach RuYi Cloud Scroll Display Art is a magnificent work of traditional Chinese craftsmanship, combining the beauty of natural agate with the intricate artistry of carving. This exquisite piece serves as a stunning representation of both artistic prowess and symbolic significance.

At the center of the composition is a depiction of a peach, which is a symbol of longevity and immortality in Chinese tradition. The peach is meticulously carved, showcasing intricate details, such as the fruit's characteristic dimples and leafy stem. The representation of the peach is complemented by the presence of a RuYi, a symbol of authority and good fortune in Chinese folklore, often depicted as a scepter or baton. This RuYi is elegantly positioned alongside the peach, emphasizing the significance of power and auspiciousness.

Surrounding the central peach and RuYi are delicate cloud scrolls, intricately carved into the agate. These clouds symbolize a sense of ethereality and the idea of "heavenly luck," adding an element of serenity and spiritual significance to the overall composition.

The level of detail in this hand-carved agate art is a testament to the skill and precision of the artisan. Each line, curve, and contour is thoughtfully rendered, creating a piece that is not only visually appealing but also rich in cultural and symbolic depth. The overall aesthetic is harmonious, balancing traditional Chinese motifs with the inherent beauty of agate stone.

Whether displayed in a prominent location in a home or as part of a larger art collection, Chinese Hand Carved Agate Stone Peach RuYi Cloud Scroll Display Art is a remarkable piece that embodies Chinese culture, artistic tradition, and the enduring allure of agate. It serves as a beautiful and meaningful addition to any environment, inviting admiration, contemplation, and appreciation of its craftsmanship and symbolism.

Dimensions: w7" x d1.5"x  h4" , with stand height 5.5" , 1.25lbs
Origin:      China, 1995+
Material:   Agate
Condition: Hand carved, good condition, natural stone pattern

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