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teacup - Jianye - Jianyao
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Chinese Handmade Jianye Clay Bronze Black Glaze Decor Teacup 2 Pieces ws280S

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This is a nicely handmade teacup in metallic black and bronze marks finish. ( 2 pieces per purchase )

In Jianyang, Jiankou tea set with a small mouth, thick carcass, and overall blackness, with rabbits and striated light can be seen everywhere. 盏 is the name of the tea bowl in the Song Dynasty. Jianye is the general name of the black glazed porcelain that was built in the kiln because it is historically located in Jianzhou and Jianning. Named after the jurisdiction. 

The unique charm of Jianye is that other porcelains can create beautiful works of art through the skillful craftsmanship of the glaze, shape and pattern. Jianye's glaze markings are the wonderful tricks of “Heavenly Craftsmanship” and “People's Craftsmanship”, the so-called “one kiln color, one kiln color”.

The amount of iron in Jian'ou is above 8%. During the high-temperature melting process at 1300 °C, the change in kiln temperature produces a strange pattern on the glaze. The same raw materials, in a different kiln, placed in different kiln locations, different seasons, different weather, the embossed Jianye glaze color is completely different, unpredictable. Therefore, each building has a different face, each building has a unique personality, each building is unique and is an orphan.

Jian's markings mainly include rabbits, oil droplets and metamorphosis. The rabbit is the most typical and most productive glaze variety of Jianye. It is named after the fine and soft veins in the black or brown glaze. The shape is like the slender and soft hair of the rabbit. In the Song Dynasty, the preference for Jianye glaze was dominated by rabbits. This tendency even made people often use rabbits as synonymous with Jianye. The word "oil drop" comes from Japan, and China's Jianye academic community generally likes to use its name in the Song Dynasty - freckle, named for its glazed face with silver-gray metallic luster resembling oil droplets. It is the second most expensive variety after metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is a treasure that can be encountered in Jianye. "The millennium is hard to find, there is no one," its shape is dignified. On the black glaze of the inner and outer walls, there are scattered and colored spots of different colors. Under the illumination, the glaze will reflect the halo spot, as if the sky was seen by the seaside at night, unpredictable. This change is accidental and non-manpowerable, so the finished product is extremely rare.

Dimension: Dia 2" x h1.75" ( for decoration, collection) ( 2 pieces on each purchase )
Origin:      China  
Material:   Clay
Condition: Handmade, good condition, variation at the pattern, but close and similar . ( for decoration, collection)

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