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large size Chinese display cabinet
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Chinese Pair Rosewood Display Curio Cabinet Room Divider cs1499S

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  • $ 10,08000
  • Was $ 16,800


This is a display cabinet with different height and shape on each section for collection display. It can be placed against the wall or as a room divider. It is made of Tan wood as the frame. The body is lighter color Huali rosewood. The surface is carved with precise relief motif of dragon, scenery, flower tree and pattern.

Dimensions:   w39.25" x d15" x h78.75" each side
Origin:      China
Material:   Tan wood, Huali Rosewood
Condition: Quality made, wood joint lines, minor wood expansion gap
Work:        Handmade, not assemble furniture, ship in one piece, white glove in house $800 takes 4- 6 weeks

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