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Stone Foo Dogs - Fengshui - Chinese Lions
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Chinese Pair White Marble Stone Fengshui Foo Dogs Door Block Drum Statue cs6969S

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The Chinese Pair White Marble Stone Fengshui Foo Dogs Door Block Drum Statue is a majestic and symbolic piece of traditional Chinese artistry, deeply rooted in ancient culture and beliefs. Crafted from fine white marble stone, this exquisite statue embodies the timeless elegance and spiritual significance of Foo Dogs, also known as Fu Lions or Guardian Lions.

Each Foo Dog is intricately sculpted with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing their powerful and protective presence. With fierce expressions, flowing manes, and muscular bodies, these mythical creatures exude strength and authority, symbolizing protection, prosperity, and good fortune.

Traditionally, Foo Dogs are placed as guardians at the entrances of homes, temples, and important buildings to ward off evil spirits and bring harmony and auspicious energy to the space. As door blocks, they serve as powerful sentinels, safeguarding against negative influences and ensuring the well-being of those within.

The inclusion of a drum beneath the paws of each Foo Dog adds an extra layer of symbolism, representing strength, resilience, and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Beyond their protective function, these statues are also revered for their aesthetic beauty and cultural significance. Whether placed in a garden, foyer, or sacred space, the Chinese Pair White Marble Stone Fengshui Foo Dogs Door Block Drum Statue commands attention and instills a sense of reverence, inviting harmony and prosperity into any environment.They have a Fengshui purpose as well as a door base of the wooden doors. It is a charming meaningful Fengshui statue at the home or as a decorative piece in the garden. This style of the statue was the origin in Beijing. The base is carved with a petal pattern. The round drum is supported with a ribbon accent and a carved floral pattern. The surface is finished in a distressed dirt marks style.

Dimensions:   w9" x d15.5" x h32.5" each
Origin:             China
Material:         white marble Stone
Condition:      hand-carved, natural stone marks, edge chips, dirt.

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