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Kwan Yin  - Guan Yin on Lion - Manjushri
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Chinese Rustic Wood Sitting Guan Yin on Lion Manjushri Statue ws1525S

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Experience the exquisite artistry of our hand-carved Rustic Wood Sitting Guan Yin on the Lion Manjushri Statue. With a beautifully worn-out crack finish, this statue exudes a sense of timeless charm and authenticity. The serene and peaceful presence of Guan Yin sitting atop a mighty guardian lion brings an aura of tranquility to any space.

Her fingers form the graceful dharma chakra mudra gesture, symbolizing the continuous flow of positive energy. Adorned with intricate robes and elegant jewelry, this statue is a masterpiece that captures both spiritual and aesthetic appreciation.

Whether you're seeking to enhance your home's feng shui or looking for a captivating decorative piece, this statue is a perfect choice. Its presence adds a touch of spirituality and elegance to any room, making it a remarkable focal point of admiration and contemplation.

The Lion Manjushri statue is a statue of the Buddhist deity Manjushri riding a lion. Manjushri is often depicted as a young, bejeweled prince who is the embodiment of knowledge and the guardian of sacred doctrines. He is often shown seated on the back of a lion and carries a book of truth and a sword that cuts through the darkness of ignorance. The lion is a symbol of strength, fearlessness, and royalty.

Dimensions: 19"x d12" x h32"
Origin: China
Material: Wood
Condition: hand made, rustic finish, wood crack, chip off


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