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armchair - Horseshoes-back - Rosewood armchair
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Chinese Traditional Tan Wood Yoke-Back Armchair Set w Small Table cs5071S

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This set of Yoke-back armchairs w side table is made of nice solid Ebony like Tan rosewood with dark blackish brown color. It has a dense texture which provides a smooth surface and fine wood grain pattern. 

The high yoke-back chair with protruding ends and arms, commonly referred to as the official's hat chair is the most successful of Chinese chair designs and one of the earliest styles to emerge. This type of chair was not used for personal contemplation. It has a more distinctive role in the Chinese home to receive guests in the main hall or to be used by scholars in their studies. Right now, they are an elegant accent in the modern home.

Dimensions: chair w24.5"x d21"x h46" seat w19.5" x d16.5" x h19.5"each 
Dimension: table w14"x d16" x h28.25" 
Origin: China 
Material: Tan wood 
Condition: ~30 years, Minor wood expansion gap and water marks. 
Work: wax polish refine work will be done

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