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Archats riding elephant and lion
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Quality Carved Bamboo Birdcage Base Panel With Eighteen Arhats (Lohan), Lion and Elephant n392S

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This one of the kind of high-quality birdcage base was carved by an old master in China around 30+ years ago, the material used is bamboo and the figures carved is the Eighteen Arhats (Lohan). It's unique detail skillful multi-layer three-dimension craftmanship let the figures and object look very real.

This base panel is carved with ten Arhats (Lohan), lion and elephant, The Arhat is the student of Gautama Buddha, they all have a different type of wisdom power. On the other side of the panel, you can see the carving of the Buddha statue. This a rare hard to find item, a great collector item, and décor for home and office.

Dimension: w4.5" x d0.35" x h3.15"
Origin:      China
Material:   Bamboo
Period:     30+ years
Condition: Quality fine carving, good condition

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