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Tibetan Amitabha Buddha 阿彌陀佛 Thangka Card TBS407

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Living in the Western Paradise (Sukhavati) (Pure Land) 西方極樂世界, he is the head of the Lianhua Department 蓮華部本䔿. The image of the Buddha manifested in the image of the dharma body, with both hands set in seals, holds a bowl, and the mouth of the bowl contains the structure of the Buddha's soil - mountains, rivers, earth, sun and moon, and Sumeru.

As long as any sentient being makes a wish, recites the name of the Amitabha Buddha 阿彌陀佛 or holds the mantra of the Buddha, there will be the following merits and virtues, the Buddha will always live on the top, support it day and night, and the enemy cannot invade it

Harmful, stable in this world, at the end of life; die at will. Can eliminate disasters

Sin, increase blessing and prolong life. Those who can transcend everything will be reborn in the Western Pure Land Sukhavati 西方極樂世界.

Kindly note that the English description is a direct translation of the Chinese word explanation printed on the Thangka Card, with the exception of the Tibetan Buddha Incantation,(咒語) which remains untranslated. We are proud to announce that all proceeds from sales will be generously donated to charitable causes, and shipping costs are included in the purchase. All translation is from the application

The card also states, "Do not recite mantras without proper authorization."

Dimension : w5.25" x h7.25
Origin:          China
Material :      Paper
Shipping :     Included no charge

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