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Tibetan Sakyamuni-Siddhartha Gautama-釋迦牟尼佛 And Eighteen Arhat 十八阿羅漢 Thangka Card TBS109

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Explanation: Arhat 十八阿羅漢 is the highest lever of Theravada Buddhism 小乘佛教. first translate "Kill a Thief", meaning to kill troubled thieves. second translation "Should Offering" means being supported by humans and heaven. The third translation is "no birth", which means that you will enter Nirvana forever and no longer receive the retribution of life and death. Sakyamuni will make the sixteen arhats live in the world forever and help the people born, the Four Heavenly Kings 四大天王 protect the country and bless the people. Arhat is called Nedeng Qianbo 湼登千波 in Tibetan, which means the Venerable 上座部尊

Kindly note that the English description is a direct translation of the Chinese word explanation printed on the Thangka Card, with the exception of the Tibetan Buddha Incantation,(咒語) which remains untranslated. We are proud to announce that all proceeds from sales will be generously donated to charitable causes, and shipping costs are included in the purchase. All translation is from the application

The card also states, "Do not recite mantras without proper authorization."

Dimension : w5.25" x h7.25
Origin:          China
Material :      Paper
Shipping :     Included no charge

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