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Tibetan Manjushri - 文殊師利菩薩 - Wisdom Buddha Thangka Card TB301

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Explanation:  Manjushri文殊師利菩薩, the wisdom of all Tathagatas, also known as Wisdom Buddha智慧佛, and Samantabhadra 普贀菩蕯, The Bodhisattvas are paired to the left and right of Sakyamuni Buddha 釋迦牟尼佛 . Manjushri translated as
"Wonderful Auspiciousness" 妙吉祥, Tibetan is Jiang Bayan 姜巴樣.

The objects in Manjusri's hands are the flame sword of wisdom on the right and the Prajna Sutra on the lotus on the left. It symbolizes that Manjusri's wisdom is like a sharp sword and can be destroyed Ignorance, Prajna wisdom is as vast as a scroll.

Practicing Manjushri can develop innate wisdom, strengthen memory, enable people to reason intelligently, understand the true meaning of all dharma, eliminate speech karma, break ignorance, and attain all Buddhas wisdom of Bodhisattva.

Kindly note that the English description is a direct translation of the Chinese word explanation printed on the Thangka Card, with the exception of the Tibetan Buddha Incantation,(咒語) which remains untranslated. We are proud to announce that all proceeds from sales will be generously donated to charitable causes, and shipping costs are included in the purchase. All translation is from the application

The card also states, "Do not recite mantras without proper authorization."

Dimension : w5.25" x h7.25
Origin:          China
Material :      Paper
Shipping :     Included no charge

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