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jade pixiu pendant
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Hand Carved Natural Green Jade Feng Shui Lucky Pixiu Figure Pendant n464S

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In the Chinese culture, Pixiu symbolizes fortune protector. There are two types of Pixiu - one horn ( Tian Lu ) has the ability towards off evil, two horns ( Tian Lu ) is believed to prevent wealth from flowing away.

People believed wearing or displaying a Pixiu figure statue in their house is good for Feng Shui, it will bring good luck and power to them.

Jade is believed to have a protective function ( against the bad fortune ) in the Chinese culture. Genuine jade shows its beauty after being worn for a period of time. The even distribution of the green and white and the transparency of the jade are used to calculate the value of the piece. The nature of the texture and color is not the lab jade that can compare. This delicate jade is a good gift for your family or friend.

Dimensions: 2" x 1" x h0.5" 
Origin:       China
Period:      1980+
Material:    Natural untreated Jade, no color enrichment
Condition: No chip, natural stone marks, good condition

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