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metal Buddha - Varada mudra - Sitting Buddha
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Handmade Quality Bronze Vintage Sitting Buddha Statue With Varada Mudra cs3954WS

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This is a nicely made bronze metal Buddha Statue with a charm bronze brown metal color and precise body details. It is a nice collection piece for religious purposes or personal home accent displays. 

This Varada mudra symbolizes charity, compassion, and boon-granting. It is the mudra of the accomplishment of the wish to devote oneself to human salvation. It is nearly always made with the left hand and can be made with the arm hanging naturally at the side of the body, the palm of the open hand facing forward, and the fingers extended.

The five extended fingers in this mudra symbolize the following five perfections: Generosity,Morality, Patience, Effort, Meditative Concentration

Dimensions:   w11" x d8" x h14.75" 

Origin:      Taiwan
Material:    Metal, purple bronze
Condition: Handmade, minor rust, vintage-style finish

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