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Large Oriental Asian Plain Rectangular Ink Stone Ink Well Dip Pad ws3481S

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The Oriental Asian Plain Rectangular Ink Stone Ink Well Dip Pad is a meticulously crafted and aesthetically pleasing accessory often used in traditional Asian calligraphy and art. This item serves as an essential tool for artists and calligraphers who value the art of writing and drawing with ink, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of East Asia.

The ink stone is used for grinding solid ink sticks with water to create the perfect consistency of ink for writing and painting. The ink well holds liquid ink, which is replenished from the ground ink on the stone. The dip pad provides an extra layer of control by allowing artists to regulate the amount of ink on their brushes and maintain the desired moisture level.

Dimensions:   5.25" x 8.75" x h1" 3lbs
Origin:      China
Material:   Inkstone
Condition: Natural stone marks

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