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Mud Marks UnderGround Treasure Crystal Glass Bowl With Gold Paint ws3461S

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The Mud Marks Underground Treasure Crystal Glass Bowl with Gold Paint is an exquisite and unique piece of art that seamlessly blends elements of nature, history, and luxury. This one-of-a-kind glass bowl is a true testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of its creator.

The bowl's most distinctive feature is the presence of mud marks, which evoke the sense of a hidden treasure unearthed from the depths of the earth. These intricate mud marks are meticulously etched onto the glass's surface, resembling the winding paths of ancient riverbeds or the imprints of long-lost artifacts. Each mark tells a story of the passage of time, adding an element of mystery and intrigue to the piece.

The bowl itself is crafted from crystal glass, which not only enhances the clarity and brilliance of the design but also offers a glimpse into the treasures concealed within its depths. The glass is flawlessly smooth and transparent, creating a mesmerizing effect as light dances through it, casting an enchanting play of colors and reflections.

The enchantment of this underground treasure is further heightened by the application of gold color paint. Delicately gilded in gold color paint, the intricate details of the mud marks are brought to life. The gold paint adds a touch of opulence and sophistication, creating a striking contrast between the glass's transparency and the shimmering allure of the gold.

Dimension: Diameter 4.5" x h2.5"
Origin:    China
Material: Crystal glass
Work:     Handmade , vintage distressed mud marks finish , NOT for food serving

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