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Pair Vintage Chinese Rustic Black Lacquer Deer Motif Yoke-Back Armchairs cs7807S
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Pair Vintage Chinese Rustic Black Lacquer Deer Motif Yoke-Back Armchairs cs7807S

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Introducing a pair of extraordinary vintage Chinese Yoke-Back Armchairs, resplendent in rustic black lacquer and adorned with intricate deer Tao logo carvings. These chairs not only stand as functional pieces but also serve as remarkable symbols of traditional Chinese craftsmanship and cultural heritage.

The striking yoke-back design adds a touch of antiquity to these armchairs, while the rustic black lacquer finish imparts a sense of age and character. The deer Tao logo carvings, meticulously rendered on the backrests, bring forth symbolic significance, representing longevity, good fortune, and harmony in Chinese culture.

Crafted with an artistic eye and attention to detail, these armchairs invite you to experience the elegance of traditional Chinese furniture. The gracefully curved arms and subtly carved details showcase the mastery of the artisans who created these timeless pieces.

The rustic black lacquer not only adds a rich aesthetic depth but also imparts a sense of age, as if these chairs have been witnesses to the passage of time. Placing these armchairs in your living space becomes a nod to history, a fusion of functional comfort and cultural artistry.

Whether gracing a living room, a study, or a curated collection, the Vintage Chinese Rustic Black Lacquer Deer Tao Logo Carving Yoke-Back Armchairs seamlessly blend tradition and style. Each chair whispers the tales of its cultural origins, inviting you to appreciate the beauty and enduring legacy of Chinese craftsmanship. Embrace the allure of the past with this exquisite pair, where every curve and carving tells a story of artistry and cultural richness.

Dimensions: chair w26.5"x d23"x h47" seat w19" x d16" x h21"each 
Origin: China 
Material: Elmwood 
Condition: ~50 years, Minor wood expansion gap and worn off distress marks
Work: ship in a whole piece

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