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chinese blue white porcelain fat jar - asian people graphic round fat vase
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Vintage Chinese Blue White Porcelain Paint Eight Immortals Scenery Fat Body Vase Jar ws2718S

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Timeless porcelain vase adorned with vintage marks, boasting a stunning Blue and White color palette. This exquisite piece features intricate paintings of the Eight Immortals, adding an aura of mystique and tradition. Its round, plump body shape is complemented by a delicate flower-shaped mouth opening, exuding elegance and charm. Perfect for adding a touch of ancient allure to any space.

The Eight Immortals, known as "八仙" (Bāxiān) in Chinese, are a group of legendary figures in Chinese mythology and folklore. They are revered as powerful and benevolent beings who have transcended mortal limitations and attained immortality through their cultivation of Taoist practices.

Each of the Eight Immortals possesses unique abilities, characteristics, and symbols. The group typically includes:

  1. Zhongli Quan (钟离权): Often depicted as an elderly man with a fan, symbolizing his ability to control the wind and waves.
  2. Lu Dongbin (吕洞宾): Usually portrayed as a scholar or warrior carrying a sword, representing wisdom and righteousness.
  3. Han Xiangzi (韩湘子): Often depicted as a young man holding a flute, symbolizing joy and contentment.
  4. Cao Guojiu (曹国舅): Depicted as a courtier with a jade tablet or castanets, representing integrity and loyalty.
  5. Li Tieguai (李铁拐): Typically shown as a crippled beggar leaning on an iron crutch, symbolizing resilience and healing.
  6. He Xiangu (何仙姑): Depicted as a woman holding a lotus flower or a peach, symbolizing purity and longevity.
  7. Lan Caihe (蓝采和): Often depicted as a beggar holding a basket of flowers or wearing gender-ambiguous clothing, representing spontaneity and freedom.
  8. Zhang Guolao (张果老): Usually portrayed as an old man with a donkey, sometimes holding a bamboo tube or drum, symbolizing agelessness and resourcefulness.

These Eight Immortals are often depicted together, either in artwork, literature, or theatrical performances, and they are widely revered in Chinese culture as symbols of longevity, good fortune, and spiritual attainment. They appear in various legends, stories, and artworks throughout Chinese history, influencing art, literature, and popular culture.

Dimensions: Dia 15" x h14" , opening dia 6"
Origin:       China
Material:    Porcelain
Condition: Handmade, vintage mark finish, good condition

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