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Vintage Chinese Western Flags Graphic Export Period Teapot Shape Art ws3518S
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Vintage Chinese Western Flags Graphic Export Period Teapot Shape Art ws3518S

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Step into the elegant fusion of history and artistry with the Vintage Chinese Republic Period Style Teapot-Shaped Display adorned with Western Flag Graphics. This unique piece serves as a captivating bridge between East and West, encapsulating the spirit of the Republic Period when Chinese artisans skillfully incorporated Western motifs into their creations.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this teapot-shaped display not only showcases Western flag graphics but also bears the prestigious Qianlong iron-red seal mark. The Qianlong mark pays homage to the esteemed craftsmanship of the Qing Dynasty, infusing the piece with a sense of historical continuity and cultural richness.

The inclusion of a Western language mark adds an extra layer of authenticity, reflecting the cross-cultural influences prevalent during the Republic Period. The teapot shape, both whimsical and functional, further exemplifies the seamless marriage of Eastern and Western aesthetics.

Whether displayed in a collector's cabinet or as a centerpiece in a curated setting, this vintage Chinese Republic Period Style Teapot-Shaped Display becomes a symbol of cultural exchange and artistic evolution. Each glance at the Western flag graphics and the distinguished Qianlong seal mark invites admiration for the delicate craftsmanship and historical narrative encapsulated within this exceptional artifact.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of Chinese tradition and Western influence with this vintage teapot-shaped display. As it graces your space, let it serve as a reminder of a fascinating era when cultures converged, leaving behind timeless treasures that continue to captivate and inspire.

Dimensions:   Dia 10" x h9.5"
Origin:            China
Material:         Porcelain
Condition:      Vintage finish, Hand made, original imperfection marks
Work :  1970- 1980 period ( not for serving use )

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